Dojo Jo Intro – BBMA Lifeskills

Hello little dragons parents caregivers, my name is Dojo Jo and I’m here to help you with your Black belt challenges.

Each week we will give you a new challenge that will help you develop black belt life skills in all areas of life to help you become awesome!.

Now parents, It’s important that your children are accountable for these challenges. Place it on the fridge to remind them. Show the video of each weeks lesson.

Little dragons if you successfully complete the weekly challenge your parents will sign it off and you can bring it to your next class to earn a red stripe.

Earn 10 red stripes and you will be awarded a karate party. Martial arts fun and games for you and your friends.

If there are specific skills you want to to work on they can be found at the front desk.

Lessons include, eat your veggies, go to bed on time, being kind and respect for others and many more.

Keep an eye on your emails for each weeks new life skill and good luck on your journey to become even more awesome.

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